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electric shut off

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Hi i am in need of so e help with my light bill have a downsyndrome child who lives in

Hi i am in need of so e help with my light bill have a downsyndrome child who lives in the home realy could use the help ur friend derrickderrick
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Altman   in reply to sandra35   on

About In the Dark with kids

Thanks for asking it has been a rocky road for me and my family I hope things will get better for everyone this is a sad time but we have to keep the faith in our selfs and things will get better hope things get better for you and your family stay strong god bless.
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sandra35   in reply to In the Dark with kids   on

About In the Dark with kids

In the Dark kids!! Just read your message. So sadden by your situation. You are on the right site. For we all are struggling! so don't YOU feel alone. So many of Us have health problems as well as money problems. First off, "I welcome YOU to our family". We care and share info that hopefully helps you and your family. We ALL would help support you and your family, if we only We had money. We all hope maybe someday there will be someone out there that just happens to come to this site, that could and would contribute and help someone here. We ALL are glad you are here! and I hope you have gotten MUCH enjoyment as well as encouragement from one of our family member's. Please share with Us how you are doing Today? We would like each person here to get ALL the help they need!!! Again, I am so sorry about your situation! May your situation get better soon. These times are difficult, I know. But please share with Us how YOU and your family are doing. God bless you, my friend!! Sandra35
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ibtazzz   in reply to The Assistant   on

About The Assistant

Please help I am getting my lights shut off today I have no way of paying it I need electric for my breathing machine and heat I have just had shoulder surgery, I have fibromyalia, arthrtis,ECT. I just want to give up please help.
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About sejecj2009

Our electric is being shut off today. We owe a bill of 9.00 and now there is going to be a reconnect fee also included. My wife is on a cpap machine. she has sleep apnea and this machine keeps her breathing at night so she does not die. She stops breathing 110 times and hour without using this machine. Our electric company has copies of all of her medical information but they can still shut the powe off in our state in NC. If there is anyone out there than can help us we would greatly appreciate it. I don't want to lose my wife. Thank you.

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In the Dark with kids  

About In the Dark with kids

Hello out there and ty for listening..

I am a single mother of 2 children, I am disabled and on SSI, getting almost 700.00 a month. My rent is 550.00. I have gotten behind on my electric bill and now it has been shut off. I have gone to the local Social Services office and they said they can not help because, my heat is included in my rent and they wont help with electric unless it runs the furance and mine does not. I know its my fault. Its very hard to stretch less then 150.00 a month for everything that needs to be bought. And I have neglected the electric bill for things like TP, soap,etc.. I don't have a phone or cable tv, or internet.. Sometimes I can use a friends or the library.. Its a very hard life... but I don't complain...

 My daughter has to go to school in the morning without a shower, there is nothing I can do about that. We also wash our clothes by hand as the washer doesn't work.. and now we have no hot water and no way to dry them... So no clean clothes.... I don't drive.. I can't.. so I take the public bus to the closest town which is 30 mins away. I wash our clothes by hand at home because I can't bring laundry on the bus.  The food in my frig will go bad, and there is no way to cook.....

I don't have any close friends or relatives that I can ask to borrow money from.. I just don't know what to do. If I use all of the 0.00 I have left from my SSI after I pay the rent in May... it will still take months to pay off the back electric bill.

I just don't know where to turn. If anyone has any suggestions on places that will help me pay my electric bill, or anyone who can help me.... please let me know.. Its horriable living with no electric and being in the dark..

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About mauricio3g

My Electricity is Shut Off. I'm having trouble catching up on my electric bill. I am currently unemployed and raising a 17 yr. old son that is still in high school. we have been on our own for 2 yrs now since i left his father who offers us no support at all. i just want to have my bill up to date because they keep throwing late charges , door tag fees, reconnection fees, because it is shut off right now .  they even threw in another deposit. now how is it that i am supposed to be able to pay the deposit if i couldn't even pay the bill in the first place. anyway i'm in the hole for 240.00. i sure pray for help although i really need immediate help if possible. thank you for reading my need

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About shecraw1

Hi! My name is Sheila. I'm a single mom of two children. I was supposed to be put on a regular payment schedule with FPL, which they never did. They told me I had until 11/4/08 to pay my bill.  I got home from work on 11/4/08 and FPL had come to the door while my children were there home from school (they are minors). FPL told them that since I wasn't home he had to turn off the power. So, the FPL guy turned off the power leaving my kids in the dark. I called FPL and they decided to charge me a DOUBLE deposit so now I can't even afford to get my power on. I've lost all the food I just bought and my kids and I have been in the dark for 3 days. I've called FPL, I've called the assistance numbers and there is absolutely NO funding to help me. What am I supposed to do?



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The Assistant  

About The Assistant

I've been searching online for information on avoiding electric utility shut off and have not really found to much. I'm not looking or asking for money here but a way to stop the shut off process. I go through this every other month and the stress it causes is getting harder to deal with. I make the money to pay my bill including the amount they add to pay off the past due balance but cannot get the money before the due date on the bill. Then the arrangement breaks and shut off proceedings start and they say I am not allowed another arrangement because of the broken ones.

I get paid twice a month and have to make a mortgage payment by a certain day of the month or my home goes into forclosure so I pay that first then when the next pay comes I pay the utility but it's normally after the due date. I call them to tell them it is going to be late and ask if this will break my payment arrangement and they say no just call with the reciept number. I pay the bill call them and they tell me I'm kicked off my payment arrangement. I'm trying to apply for Liheap and NJ shares but I'm sure I'll get turned down because I think I make a little more then the allowed amount for the number of people in the home. I would rather not apply since I can pay my bill and let someone who is worse off get the help but if I don't try I get shut off. I went through the BPU complaint process and one woman was very rude and no help at all. I just don't know of anything else I can do to stop this from happening every other month until I can afford to pay the past due balance off. So after this week if I can't prevent it some how I will not have electric either now, my gas has been off for a couple months now and will be for a while until I can take care of my electric bill.

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